Word processor EtherPad launches Google Wave like “Time Slider” feature. Very impressive.

Word processor EtherPad launches Google Wave like “Time Slider” feature. Very impressive. ...

Picture 3EtherPad is a collaborative, real-time text editor designed to make working together on written documents slick and easy. With etherpad it’s possible for two (or more) people to work together and see instantaneous alterations to the document as you work. Although Google docs features document collaboration, the changes are not instant and working on a document can feel a little like working on an early version of Word. Etherpad does things differently and this latest feature of theirs is a perfect example of how.

The Time-Slider feature automatically saves everything you type and then allows you, at any given time, to review your work and watch all the alterations and adjustments as they took place. It literally is and feels like you’re watching a movie of yourself typing a document. While that would be a awfully dull film, from a usefulness stand point, it’s a great feature to have, and in many respects reminds us of why people are waiting with baited breath for Google Wave to be released. Wave features a similar feature that allows you watch the collaborative efforts of a document as they happened.

Still not sure how this all works? Have a watch of this two minute video, it will explain all. Alternatively, visit Etherpad and try it out yourself, you don’t even need to sign up.


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