Facebook wants to own your phone – Connect goes Mobile

Facebook wants to own your phone – Connect goes Mobile

facebookFacebook has taken a bold step forward in its mobile strategy by announcing that it is taking its popular Facebook Connect feature into the mobile app space.

Connect, which allows developers to integrate their apps with Facebook’s infrastructure to allow easy logins for users, sharing high scores in games with friends and the like, has been hugely popular on the web. Today it has been expanded into the mobile world via Facebook Connect For Mobile Web.

Unveiled at the Nokia World conference in Stuttgart, the new service allows developers to integrate their mobile apps with Facebook using just four lines of code. As Forbes reports, any phone with a web browser is compatible, expanding Facebook’s presence in the mobile world significantly.

This is a smart from Facebook that helps the company move towards making itself the de-facto online destination and identity for its users. If every browser and mobile app you use integrates easily with Facebook, you’re more likely to stay a loyal Facebook user.

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