Ultimate use of technology: Linux + CD Tray + Baby

Ultimate use of technology: Linux + CD Tray + Baby


Think about it for a moment.
What do we want from technology?

Where should it take us and what do we expect from it?

Every day we talk about how technology enriches our lives and how we need the latest gadgets and widgets and gizmos. But for what exactly? How does a faster laptop make your life so much better? Why do you abso-fucking-lutely need the latest iPhone 3G S and why does the ‘old’ 3G suddenly feel like yesterdays news?

Maybe this video below provides you with the answer. When was the last time you saw Technology at work in such a soothing, meaningful and fulfilling way? A few lines of code, an old PC with a CD Tray.

Isn’t this just pure magic? Isn’t THIS what we want from technology?

Okay, maybe not.
But is sure as hell is funny:


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