StyleRays: A twitter for clothes asks “What are you wearing?”

StyleRays: A twitter for clothes asks “What are you wearing?”

Picture 2Ever thought you had a particularly unique dress sense? You may get compliments every so often from the random stranger asking where you got that wonderful top from? Or  you might just be the type of person to spot a trend. Well, if you ticked any of those boxes, StyleRays might just be your new online abode.

The site, currently very simple and seemingly female dominated, lets you share photos of what you’ve been wearing of recent. You may be a fashion lover, just have an interesting dress sense or you could be a designer of sorts, StyleRays provides a platform to share what you have to wear.

The site co-founded by entrepreneur Enrico Foschi and fashionista Stefania Maniscalco, a young married couple with the dream to revolutionize the global style community.

The site’s goal? To become a Twitter for clothes. Rather than asking “What are you doing”, the site asks “What are you wearing?”. You can follow other users and their photos will appear in your (clothes?) stream. You can also comment on users’ photos and Tweet photos to Twitter and publish links to Facebook too.

Although not alone (CoatHangr is another site with a similar idea and an iPhone app, and there’s Weardrobe too) with more ways to update the site and more tools to interact within the community, the site might just be on to something. For a fashion site however, I would recommend a slightly more trendy design, but that’s just me.


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