Tweetmeme releases their own URL Shortener: (sigh)

Tweetmeme releases their own URL Shortener: (sigh)

logo1Just when you thought they were a dying breed, Tweetmeme has announced their own URL Shortener

According to Nick Halstead, is a very simple shortening service with three abilities:

1. Shorten – Give us a link and in fraction of a second we will have shortened it
2. Share – We give you simple tools to share the link out to your favorite sites
3. Analyse – A simple service means easy, simple to understand analytics

That should tell you, in it’s current state, it sadly doesn’t bring all that much new to the table – not even a bookmarklet yet I don’t believe. Considering the rapid growth of Tweetmeme however, you can expect to see the URL popping up frequently in your Twitter stream.

Halstead says that along with reliability, they wanted to build a URL shortener with “platform security” should any of the current major URL shorteners decide to call it a day (ahem…

I would have personally loved to have seen deeper integration with the likes of and, but this move sees yet another URL shortener arrive on the scene – sadly something which will leave most users familiar with URL shoteners moaning.

Halstead assures us that will go into the ‘pool’ of available services but publishers and users will never be forced the use of as a shortening service within TweetMeme.

On a side note, it would make my day to see or any other service for that matter, create a bookmarklet that would just require you to simply click on the bookmarklet and you’d have the page title and URL copied to your clipboard. Is that really too much to ask?

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