It’s true. McDonalds has a website for black people

It’s true. McDonalds has a website for black people

While browsing Digg this morning, I came upon a link titled “McDonalds has a website for black people”. My immediate thought, “eye catching title that some clever Digg user used to attract peoples attention, it can’t really be true.” I did however click through, and before my very eyes I saw:

Screen shot 2009-08-24 at 15.00.05

What’s your initial reaction?

My initial reaction was to search to make sure that there was actually an affiliation and this wasn’t some prank by a competitor or some random Digg user. Sure enough, a link exists.

Look, I’m not black, so maybe I have no right to be offended. But this does offend me. It offends me because it shoots straight at the heart of cultural diversity, something which by now, we should all be celebrating because its part of every single country on this planet.

To create a site supposedly to celebrate African American culture and call it something like 365Black?? I’m lost for words.

Pardon my french, but lets not bullshit around, this is of course merely a way to target racial minorities. Companies do it the world over. But couldn’t the website have just been a diversity website saying they support all different kinds of cultures, races, charities and organizations?

McDonalds have got this so badly wrong it’s not even funny. For once, a Digg user put it perfectly, how would the world react to a 365White?

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