9 Tools to Improve Your FriendFeed Experience

9 Tools to Improve Your FriendFeed Experience

Since Facebook’s acquisition of FriendFeed, the real-time feed aggregator service has drawn more attention than ever. It is unquestionably a wonderful service in itself, but some extra tools would improve your FriendFeed experience.

Here are some of the most popular FriendFeed tools should help enhance your Friendfeed experience:

FriendFeed Toolbox

FFscheduler: Schedule your FriendFeed posts and send them automatically whenever you like

FFsms: Send your FriendFeed posts via SMS! (Currently, only available only in the US and Turkey.)

FFsummary: The application will send you a feed summary consisting of popular posts to your email on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

FFoldavatars: It takes you back and shows previous profile pictures of your FriendFeed account.

FFholic: FFholic is a place for FriendFeed users to find lists of most liked and commented entries, most popular rooms and most popular users.

FFthreadkiller: You can check that how many threads a particular Friendfeed user has killed.

FFollo: Find and follow people with similar interests to you – automatically.

FriendFeedLinks: A memetracker that tracks links shared on FriendFeed.

NoiseRiver: An application is based on the friendfeed’s API that aims to extend Friendfeed with notions like: interests and neigbourhood.

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