Video to Appear in Paper Magazines [Worlds First]

Video to Appear in Paper Magazines [Worlds First]

cbs_pepsiThis September, a partnership between American TV network CBS, drink giant Pepsi and Entertainment Weekly magazine will mark the first time a video advertisement has appeared within a paper magazine.

CBS will insert a paper-thin interactive video screen into copies of the Sept. 18 issue of Time Inc.’s Entertainment Weekly. The screenswill be around the size of a mobile phone display and have rechargeable batteries.

When readers open the magazine to the ad pages, it will activate a chip used to store the video (similar to a singing greeting card), they will then see a small screen flicker on and start to load a video. By pressing one of five different buttons, readers can watch a video montage from a number of different CBS TV shows. Each chip can hold up to 40 minutes of video.

Where does Pepsi play into this you ask? Well Pepsi will pay for the co-branded print ad for their Pepsi Max drink, the high-caffeine, low-calorie beverage aimed at men.

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