Phone-in-a-watch lets you live The Spy Life (Video)

Phone-in-a-watch lets you live The Spy Life (Video)

LG WatchphoneWant to feel like James Bond in one easy step? Buy one of these – an LG Watchphone.

Quite why no-one’s brought one of these to market before is a mystery as it’s bound to be a huge hit. Poseurs and gadget obsessives will be queuing around the block when this thing launches on the Orange network in the UK next week.

Don’t expect a high-spec smartphone – this is firmly in the ‘novelty’ category, but with a music player, scratch resistant touch-screen, video calling and voice commands it’s no slouch in the spec department either.

If you can shell out £500, get yourself to the Orange store at Bond Street Station in London next Thursday, 27th August.

The BBC’s Rory Cellan-Jones wasn’t too impressed with the device when he tested it but it’s bound to be a sell-out on the novelty factor alone. Orange has published this video which shows off the nifty gadget in all its glory.


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