Paris 3D is the best looking iPhone app yet (Video)

Paris 3D is the best looking iPhone app yet (Video)

Mobile 3d CityIt’s amazing just how much power can be squeezed out of the iPhone’s diminutive form. Sure, there are some great looking games but how about something that’s both useful and attractive?

Paris 3D is a photorealistic guide to the French captial, allowing you to pan, zoom and spin your way around the city on your phone. Far more than just a nice looking tech demo, the GPS-enabled app allows you to locate restaurants, hotels and tourist attractions easily and quickly. This is really the experience that Google Earth should be offering by now. Take a look at the video and then read on for more details.


French developer Newscape Technology has developed the app and will be producing versions for more cities across the iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile and Symbian platforms under the Mobile 3D City brand. If you want to see more, their website has a demo of a version for Capetown, South Africa on iPhone and a Nokia 6120.

It’s worth noting that the the Capetown video reveals a problem not apparent in the Paris demo – data appears to load over the air, making the whole experience slower and just a little less exciting.

Paris 3D is available now in the iTunes app store for a comparatively pricey £5.49. It’s a huge download too, there wasn’t enough space on my iPhone to give it a trial run. Maybe the data is all included in the download after all.

If you’re planning a trip to Paris it may well be worth the cost and space on your phone.

[app found via Cult of Mac via MobilFeber]

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