New service to send emails to loved ones AFTER you’re dead.

New service to send emails to loved ones AFTER you’re dead.

med_notorious_big_artist_photo7Here’s an interesting, albeit morbid service to spice up your weekend. Appropriately called, The Last Messages Club, the service allows you to send an email to your friends and loved ones after you die.

These messages can range from a final love letter, guidance for someone left behind, a list of instructions, details on life insurance and other financial information.

So how does it work?

The member nominates three Advisors; these might be family members, close friends, legal or other professional individuals or organisations. These Advisors are made aware of their role and responsibilities. The member ensures that these Advisors are advised of their death.

Firstly emails are sent by the club, on the member’s behalf, advising the recipients that a message awaits them.  They may choose to read the message through a link or by requesting transmission of the original message and any attachments. They can only read the messages sent to them personally and only those they choose to open.


There are two membership options. One is an annual fee of £10, the other is a one off fee of £90. What on earth happens if the business closes up shop however is beyond me.

via SlashDot

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