Computer Prank: Massive Explosion & Gunshots!

Computer Prank: Massive Explosion & Gunshots!

A few years ago I was at home all alone and had watched a pretty scary movie. After the movie I switched off all the lights and was about to go to bed when I heard a weird sound. What I didn’t know was that I stepped on the remote control of our Surround Sound DVD system. It was laying upside down and by standing on it I had simultaniously pressed the play button and the volume button. The DVD had started playing with the sound turned all the way up. The weird sound I was hearing was the buzzing of our sound system. Then, after a few second I heard the roar of MGMs Leo the Lion, all around me, full volume, in the dark.

It is a miracle that I didn’t die of a heartattack right there and then.

The following Computer Prank made me remember that experience. Pretty funny stuff:


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