Are you a Tweethead? Yahoo’s gorgeous new site will let you know

Are you a Tweethead? Yahoo’s gorgeous new site will let you know

Yahoo! Know Your MojoIt seems there’s a new Twitter profile analyser out every week, but this one is definitely worth a look simply because it’s drop-dead gorgeous.

Yahoo has launched Know Your Mojo, a site that allows you to see exactly what kind of Twitterer you are just by entering your Twitter username. Unlike most of these services, there’s a lot of great design work been put in here, with adorable cartoon birds and a fantastic animation while it calculates your results.

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Depending on how you use Twitter you can be anything from a Lone Wolf who barely tweets, to a Headliner with a ton of followers. There’s a whole range of catagories in-between, each with their own cartoon bird.

Yahoo! Know Your Mojo!_1250253416609The reason Yahoo has done this is to promote their customisable redesigned homepage, but humour them – it’s worth a go. You’ll notice the The Next Web’s Twitter account comes out as a ‘Concierge’ – “A genius at finding the best URLs from around the web”.

Aw, thanks Yahoo, we love you too.

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