Incoming! A twitter search app for the Mac

Incoming! A twitter search app for the Mac

Picture 20Incoming! is a new Twitter app for the Mac, along the same lines as Yahoo’s Sideline, the app is devoted entirely to search. As excited as most heavyweight Twitter users will be to hear of a Twitter app specifically for the Mac…sadly, this application really doesn’t bring enough to the table.

The app essentially lets you track Twitter searches, view results and receive growl notifications for new results.

There are currently three separate views for your search results; “tweets”, “links” and “images”.

  • Tweets View: Lets you to view a table of tweeters (and their respective tweets) along with stats about the Tweeter including “influence”, number of updates, number of followers and following.
  • Links View: Lets you see a list of links shared within that search query.
  • Images View: Lets you see a gallery of images shared within that search query.

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So sounds pretty good right?

Well the first frustration is the app simply can’t handle anything beyond one search query…at least in my tests. I searched for thenextweb, zee and twitter. For at least five minutes, all I saw was the spinning wheel of death.

Secondly, sure the images gallery, influence and list of links are all useful touches, but not enough to justify any sort of price tag – let alone $14.

Thirdly, growl notification only notifies you of the number of tweets. You still have to click through to the application to view the actual tweets. Remember of course, the majority of the time, I wasn’t even able to do that because of the spinning wheel of death.

To be perfectly honest, I stopped right there, mainly because I just couldn’t really test the application any further. Tweetdeck and Seesmic still remain as close to the ideal Twitter app (with built in search) that I’ve come across, but if you’re looking for something Mac specific – go to Eventbox… expect big things there.

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