Tumblr launches TumblUpon toolbar

Tumblr launches TumblUpon toolbar

TumblUponEarlier today the blogging service Tumblr announced on their staff blog that it had served up 255 million page views in July and that they were signing up new users at a rate of 5,000 per day. To honor their recent achievements, they just released the “TumblUpon” web toolbar. The TumblUpon toolbar brings users to random posts based on users’ “likes” on the service.

This is a great move on Tumblr’s part. Although not a Tumblr user myself, I’ve long enjoyed browsing through various tumblelogs using their directory which does a pretty good job of ranking and categorizing their users. This is yet another way to discover great content on their service – although it will be much more valuable for Tumblr users who can be served up more targeted content by using their “like” history. It will certainly be another time sink that I will try to keep away from. I try to avoid StumbleUpon and it’s toolbar at all costs but it can sometimes be hard to avoid.

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