Accenture Innovation Awards: One more week to register!

Accenture Innovation Awards: One more week to register!

About a year ago I wrote a post about Accenture’s efforts to stimulate Innovation. I liked their approach and we were happy to contribute a little bit by alerting our readers to their Awards. This year they are back with another edition of their Innovation Awards. Officially the deadline was last week but they have just extended that for two weeks to give us a chance to alert our readers. Don’t miss this opportunity!

You can register your innovative concept using the registration form on The website will also provide you with additional information regarding the event. Submitting your concepts takes less than 5 minutes and can get you the fame your concept deserves!

The addition of seven new category prizes, including: ‘’best mobile concept’’, ‘’best gaming concept’’, ‘’best web concept’’, and ‘’best connected device“ will make the Awards more attractive for all participating parties. The Innovation Seminar which will take place at the beginning of November will host the Awards ceremony. Past winners of this successful event include Hyves, Sellaband, Myngle and Buienradar.

Participants will benefit from the publicity generated by the Awards and be given an overview of all recent developments in their industries.

The jury will once again include some highly recognised people from each industry. Although Accenture has not formerly announced the jury, they have confirmed that Professor Theo Huibers will once again lead the jury which will include Willem Sijthoff (FD Groep) , Lara Ankersmit (, Simone Brummelhuis (TheNextWomen), Sidney Mock (Spil Games), Jan Wildeboer (KPN), Michel Mol (NPO), Martijn Hamann (Endeit investments), Johan van de Gronden (WNF), Peter Werkhoven (TNO) and Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten.

Yes, that is me. Feel free to offer me bribes in the comment section.  :-)

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