Appsfire: mixtapes for iPhone Apps? (100 invites)

Appsfire: mixtapes for iPhone Apps? (100 invites)

Ouriel Ohayon founder of, shared 100 invites with us for Appsfire, his new service currently in closed beta. Appsfire is a service that makes it easier to share your favorite iPhone apps with your friends. You launch their app, on your Mac, which reads iTunes to find out what Apps you have installed. Then you can make a selection of your favorite Apps and share it (this is Ouriel’s mixtape of apps) via email, social networks or your blog.

I admit that the current way of sharing Apps is cumbersome. Emailing from within the iTunes store on your iPhone is a hassle.

So far I haven’t really felt the need to email my contacts of advertise to my social network connections what apps I use. But hey, I didn’t get Twitter either so maybe you should check it out and if you really want to test it here are 100 invites to Appsfire:

…or watch the screencast explaining everything:

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