The weirdest place you’ve used your laptop?

The weirdest place you’ve used your laptop?

cf6cb50c1138a14d6079da432a6de93838a5e4af_mI frequently use my laptop in my bathtub, bed and car. Toilet? Yeah, done that and been there.

I know someone who specifically installed a drop down airplane-like table in their bathroom to ensure he had a decent spot to rest their laptop. Clever.

My girlfriend was initially disgusted by the idea of using a laptop in the toilet. For years she tutted every time she spotted me walking into the bathroom with it. Then one morning, not so long ago in fact, I discovered her macbook in there. Yep, she’d decided the shopping site she was on was too good to walk away from and carried her laptop into the bathroom to continue shopping.

How about you? Other places?

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