Twitter now offers ‘Live’ Search Widget

Twitter now offers ‘Live’ Search Widget

Twitter now offers a search widget which you can embed in your site, blog or even in your WordPress posts:

Twitter also offers a basic widget that shows your own tweets. With this new widget Twitter is acknowledging that search is a large traffic driver.

Although I do like to be able to show live search results the description “Displays search results in real time!” seems slightly misleading. The widget simply does a search, and shows the results. It doesn’t seem to update with new search results as they come in. You don’t see new tweets as they are being tweeted at all.

I don’t know about you but that sounds more like ‘Old’ search than ‘Live’ search to me. Okay, so it DOES update with new tweets but throws them in with old tweets. It is confusing as hell but it does show new tweets too.

Expect it to show up on thousands of blogs soon either way. Will you add it to yours?

UPDATED: I decided to add the widget to the sidebar here but Twitter is smart enough to show it only once on each page and I also included it in this post. If you want to see it in the sidebar go here.

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