ThinnerView: A way to see a thinner version of you.

ThinnerView: A way to see a thinner version of you.

ThinnerView does one thing, and seemingly very well. It converts photos of you overweight and shows you what you’d look like slim. The idea? To motivate you and keep you focused on achieving your goal and getting to that particular weight/size.


From what we’ve seen, the images are actually pretty impressive – as in realistic – and I can definitely see how it could inspire someone to lose weight.

The process? Upload a photo of yourself (theses are the guidelines for type of photo), place an order and you’ll be sent the ThinnerView image 2-3 working days later. The company make a point out of saying “we do NOT use simple, generic, slimming software that squeezes the image resulting in unrealistic (and non-effective) results”, and my the look of the images above and below, I’d have to agree.

If you’re not happy with the results however, the company will make as many necessary amendments and if you’re still unsatisfied, they’ll offer a complete refund.

It costs $14.99 per image sent in, with discounts if you want more than one.



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