Spinvox responds to BBC’s Article. Claims all accusations are untrue.

Spinvox responds to BBC’s Article. Claims all accusations are untrue.

Picture 43After the potentially business threatening article published this morning on the BBC. Spinvox has issued a lengthy response on their company blog, responding to the individual points but also extending an invite to reporter Rory Cellan-Jones to visit the company headquarters and “see for himself the extent of their automation, accuracy and learning processes in action.”

The company delves thoroughly into its privacy standards, quoting their achievements in receiving two ISO qualifications.

They also respond to claims that call centre staff are viewing the majority of voicemails received:

“Claims have been made to the BBC, suggesting that the majority of messages have been heard and transcribed by call centre staff in South Africa and the Philippines. These are incorrect.

All speech technology requires training.  This requires humans to correct and inspect some audio and text to provide the system with corrections.  SpinVox not only does this real-time, but in total security through anonymisation, encryption and randomisation.  Other speech systems do this in off-line mode using humans to inspect inputs and outputs, SpinVox does not.

Agents working in a Live environment have no knowledge of customer, individual, product, market or use – the data is fully locked down and guaranteed by the in-house developed tool suite.”

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