a smarter way to update Facebook from Twitter a smarter way to update Facebook from Twitter

Here’s a nifty little tool that should make your life easier if you’re a devoted Twitter user who also likes to update their Facebook from time to time. It’s called and once you’re all signed up and have given the rather plain web app access to your Facebook profile, it adds a number of rather clever little touches to make the process seamless.

Picture 29

You can:

  • Post tweets as Facebook Status Updates
  • Post links you tweet on your Facebook Wall (so your friends can watch videos and see pictures right in their News Feed)
  • Ignore @replies
  • Change @mentions to real names
  • Only post the tweets you specify to Facebook (if this is all you want, Selective Twitter is the app for you)
  • Track links posted to Facebook with

You do however need to make sure you’ve got nothing else updating your Facebook updates, like the original app to do this kind of thing Selective Twitter Status.

After testing the tool out myself, I’m happy to say it works like a charm.

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