Ever wanted to micro-podcast to your FriendFeed? Try FriendBoo!

Ever wanted to micro-podcast to your FriendFeed? Try FriendBoo!

Did you recently stumble upon an increased amount of little audio message on FriendFeed?

friendboohowtoA while back we introduced you to Vooices.us, a company driven by two extremely innovative fellows, Paul Rawlings and Paul Kinlan. A little bit later we pointed you to VooiceBoo, a service which aims at bringing speech based profile verification to Twitter.

Today we’d like to highlight yet another Vooices.us service, this time it’s called FriendBoo!

In a nutshell once you’ve authorized FriendBoo! to access your FriendFeed account you can start publishing audio messages to your FriendFeed via any phone. You dial into FriendBoo!’s service, login with a personal PIN code and record your message.

Thanks to a really seamless OAuth implementation, setting up the link from FriendBoo! to your FriendFeed account is a two-click/one second procedure.

Viewers of your feed can use the FriendFeed embedded audio player to listen to the recording from within their browsers. If you want to check out my first try, it’s here.


Of course there are other Voice-2-FriendFeed services, but we really like FriendBoo!’s simplicity. For example FriendBoo! does not ask you to create an additional account on their website, as others do. For somebody like me, who already has a thousand accounts here and there, this is fantastic and exactly as it should be.

If the two Pauls continue to innovate Web-Speech-Mash-ups at this pace, we’d love to see them getting more local access numbers. Time might also have come to hire a voice talent and let her do their announcements.

I can hardly stand that (Nuance?) text-to-speech lady anymore. :-)

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