OnePipe gives you single-click on-the-fly feed filtering for your Browser.

OnePipe gives you single-click on-the-fly feed filtering for your Browser.

Marjolein Hoekstra brings us OnePipe, an extremely clever browser bookmarklet that let’s you filter any feed by keywords on the fly.

It works as follows:

OnePipeBrowserFirst “install” the OnePipe bookmarklet by dragging it to your Browser’s bookmark bar. Once you’re on a site which contains an RSS feed, simply click it. A dialog pops up asking you to specify the topics to base the filter on. As far as I’ve seen it in my early tests what you enter here seems to be case-sensitive and only grab stuff based on article excerpts…Expect this to be enhanced over the course of the next releases.

OnePipe leverages Yahoo! Pipes and instantly generates a custom feed link for a site. You can either click it, which opens the filtered feed in Grazr or add the link to your news reader of choice. If you’re sort of a news junky like me, this is a cool little tool that makes life easier.

Pretty clever!


I’d like to conclude with a statement of OpenPipe’s creator, Marjolein:

“For me the exciting part about OnePipe is not so much the bookmarklet itself, but the generic feed filtering mechanism that I built for it using Yahoo! Pipes. Feed manipulation is an essential part of newsmastering, the techniques used to build feeds matching a particular topic, person or event. As far as I know OnePipe is the first solution to offer on-the-fly feed filtering based on URL parameterization. With other feed filtering services the source feed and sometimes the search query get obfuscated, hindering direct finetuning of the settings.”


To follow along exhaustive technical details and OnePipe’s “roadmap”, make sure to visit Marjolein’s blog.

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