ShirtsMyWay Lets You Design Shirts Online, Your Way.

ShirtsMyWay Lets You Design Shirts Online, Your Way.

shirt shotFor your average business person, darting between meetings and conference calls, shopping is often the last thing on your mind. Irrespective, making sure you’re looking prim and proper is a must and nothing does it better than a classic fitting shirt.

One company looking to cater to the market is, a site devoted to custom shirts, (just for men at the moment). The site makes it possible to create your own shirts online in just a few minutes, and have the customized to your personal tastes.

In just three steps, the Shanghai based startup allows you to design shirts based on any type of fabric, and customize it to your hearts content. . Once you’re done, the company offers free shipping too.

The long term business prospects are what makes me believe that this company might just have a future. With shirts, assuming you don’t pile on the pounds, you’ll have one size for a number of years. So after creating your first short, the company will naturally store all your details and they’re hoping you’ll end up ordering shirts from then onwards.

The company has kindly offered our readers 10% off orders until the 24th July. To do so, place your order as normal and send an email to [email protected] with your name and promo code “The Next Web 10%” within 1 hour after the order is placed. The ste will then refund you 10% on your order.

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