New Twitter Ad System Could Be Its Cash Cow

New Twitter Ad System Could Be Its Cash Cow

Picture 16Brought to my attention this afternoon by Gawker, is the possibility that Twitter is testing an ingenious new ad system.

It’s unclear whether this is Twitter itself or a separate entity, but what is certain is that the ad system NY Times journalist Saul Hansell was testing has serious potential…I would even go as far as to say its the most compelling Twitter advertising model I’ve heard yet.

The ad system works by @mentioning (tweeting AT you) you things that you might like based on what you actually tweet about.

Like I said, ingenious. It’s a wonderful way to grab your attention, I mean who doesn’t check their @mentions?  If users are able to possibly indicate which ‘targeted mentions’ (ads) they find most relevant to them…you’ve got an extremely effective advertising model that’s likely to please even the most hard nosed advertising executives.


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