Absolut (yes, as in Vodka) releases a mouthwateringly awesome iPhone App.

Absolut (yes, as in Vodka) releases a mouthwateringly awesome iPhone App.

Picture 12I’m a big fan of trying out various drinks and food when I’m out and about, particularly when abroad. Sure, its always great to have someone there recommending what you should try, but who needs human contact when you’ve got an iPhone.

Absolut has just launched an iPhone app catering to people who have no friends but own an iPhone and love to drink, it’s called ‘Drinkspiration’ and I have to confess to wanting to put this to use right now, despite it being only 2pm in the afternoon.

The iPhone app (Android coming soon) essentially gives you a plethora of drink options to try when you’re at a bar anywhere in the world. Sounds, pretty basic right? Well, they’ve made it very very cool. The app incorporates GPS, so you try drinks that might be popular in a particular location. You see what other people are ordering using the app elsewhere in the world, along with a live Top List feed.

You can also find a drink based on parameters such as: mood, time of day, weather, liquor type, drink color, shape of glass, type of venue, bar vibe, etc. If you come across a drink that the bar tender might never have heard of, Drinkspiration makes it quick and easy to show the him/her exactly what should be in it.

Also, GPS and your personal drink choices combine to offer users a new “live badge” that can be embedded in your blog like a widget and that reflects your most recent order history etc.

Finally and best of all, it’s free and blended together laced with a delicious UI.

Click here to visit the app store and download the app, or if you’re still not convinced, have a watch of this:


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