Microsoft opens Windows 7 preorders at knockdown prices

Microsoft opens Windows 7 preorders at knockdown prices

Windows 7 PreorderIf you’re a frustrated Windows XP or Vista user keen to upgrade and the time-limited free download version of Windows 7 didn’t appeal to you, there’s some good news. From today Microsoft has made Windows 7 available for pre-order around the world at bargain prices. UPDATE: See below.

Although you won’t actually be able to get your hands on the software until the official 22 October launch date, you will secure a copy at a price that’s up to two thirds cheaper than the retail price. In the UK Windows 7 Home Premium has 2/3 off at £49.99 while the Professional version in £99 instead of £189.

While some people will undoubtedly assume that this is evidence that Microsoft is spooked over the announcment of Google Chrome OS, it’s more likely that they are worried about news that 60% of businesses have no plans to upgrade to Windows 7 at all. By offering an early-bird incentive they may persuade some small businesses to upgrade as soon as possible. Larger businesses will still hold off while they test the new OS’ compatability with their network and systems.

The offer is available from today until 9 August, so place your order quickly if you’re desperate to get the upgrade. The UK order page is here but you can change to any other country using the ‘Change’ option at the top of the screen.

UPDATE: We’re getting reports that the price reduction (and indeed the entire preorder) may not have been applied in all countries (yet). Let us know if you experience any problems by leaving a comment.

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