10 things Mac OS X should copy from the iPhone

10 things Mac OS X should copy from the iPhone

apple_iphoneI’m getting so used to my iPhone that sometimes I try to apply typical iPhone techniques to Mac OS X. Have you ever double clicked the spacebar and expect a dot and space and capitalized next word? I have. Ever wished that your typos would be fixed automatically while typing, just like on the iPhone? Here is my list of 10 things I wish Apple would port from the iPhone to Mac OS X:

1: I want to be able to press the spacebar twice to get a capital-dot-space
2: I want to swipe the screen to scroll through windows
3: I want to see my screen rotate when I rotate my laptop 90°
4: I want my inbox to show a few lines of text from the body of my email messages
5: If I type “ahve” I want my Mac to change that to “have” just like it does on the iPhone.
6: I want to switch between Browser windows just like on the iPhone
7: I want a camera on the back of my laptop screen so I can take photos just like I do with my iPhone
8: Mac OS X would look so much better if it would switch to 144 DPI too. Beautiful fonts!
9: I want to use “Find my Mac” via MobileMe on my laptop too. If it works for the iPhone, why not for my Laptop?
10: App store? Why not? Why must I buy Adobe Photoshop via the Adobe website? Can’t I just order it via the Mac OS X software App?

What featured would you like to see ported?

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