Posterous adds Google Maps integration

Posterous adds Google Maps integration

Keynote_001Posterous has been rolling out new features like crazy lately. I admit I have only used it casually but have become more and more interested in using it more given the buzz and positive reviews I have been hearing. The recent nod that Mashable gave it in their head to head battle against Tumbr as well as Steve Rubel’s declaration that he was using it exclusively as a replacement for his blog have got me really interested in implementing it in my social media workflow.

The latest cool feature they are rolling out is the ability to automatically embed the geolocation of your photographs posted to Posterous using Google Maps. Starting today, Posterous now offers a sleek little embedded Google Map below any photo you upload. Embedding the geocoordinates using Google Maps can be accomplished one of two ways:

  1. You can do it manually by grabbing the map link from Google Maps and dropping it on its own line into your email or the web based post editor for the post’s picture.
  2. Or, you can just let Posterous do the work by letting them look up the the geocoordinates encoded in the photo.

In both situations the Google Map is nicely placed at the bottom of the post just above the comments section. If you don’t want the Google Map embedded on your posts, you can simply turn it off on your settings page. If you already have a Posterous account, make sure to go to your settings page to turn on this feature. Existing users must give Posterous permission to automatically retrieve and post geolocation information from your photos.


I am really excited about this feature and geolocation moving into the mainstream. I can’t wait to see what the Posterous team comes up with next.

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