O2 Brings Back Twitter SMS to its Customers

O2 Brings Back Twitter SMS to its Customers

Picture 12When Twitter announced last year that it would be disabling SMS in a number of countries worldwide, I for one was certain we would never see the functionality return.

However, in a remarkable turn around, and in partnership with UK phone companies, Twitter SMS is slowly making a come back. First it was Vodafone back in March, now O2 has announced that Twitter updates will be making a return from 1st August.

You’ll be able to send updates or DM’s to Twitter as part of your normal text message bundle or for the cost of a normal text. Receiving updates will be free, but you’re requested to stay below 600 messages per month as part of o2’s fair use policy.

I genuinely think I’ll be putting Twitter SMS to use again, despite the abundance of mobile Twitter applications out there. There is still something fast and reliable about SMS that makes it a solid choice for anyone reliant on their mobile phone. Lets just hope Twitter gets their act together and catches all the “mentions”…

You can switch this service on by going to Twitter – Settings – Devices from 1 August.

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