Spotify releases its first audio book

Spotify releases its first audio book

spotify_logoSpotify, the online media player, has announced the release of the first audio book – tts free and its by Wired Editor Chris Anderson.

The company are reportedly big fans of the Wired chief and his previous book, The Long Tail. Today however they help him market his new one, Free: The Future of a Radical Place, narrated by the man himself.

Chris Anderson struck up a bit of controversy recently when he was caught plagiarizing Wikipedia for a section of the book.

The plagiarism was discovered by Virginia Quarterly Review who found a number of passages that seemed to be copied from various Wikipedia entries, with no citations. To be fair on the man, he has since admitted and apologised…although I can’t see how he had any alternative.

For those that enjoy audio books, myself included, this is great news. The bad news however is that the audio book is only available to UK users and this is merely a trial period to see how much interest there actually is.

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