Move over Techcrunch, Mashable is now Bigger than you…

Move over Techcrunch, Mashable is now Bigger than you…

Picture 1Yes, it is true. According to Compete, Mashable now has more unique visitors than Techcrunch. Techcrunch also seems to have grown ‘only’ 43% since last year where Mashable has grown 127%.

Three times as much growth and more unique visitors? Wow.

To me, that knowledge is similar to finding out that your little brother now makes more money than you. I mean, Pete Cashmore is 16, right? Okay, maybe 23. Or was that last year?

Either way, Techcrunch, with Michael Arrington at the helm, was THE big and powerful Techblog. Mashable was just this cute blog by a kid from the UK that was doing pretty well. Not bigger than Techcrunch, right!? When the hell did that happen?

According to Compete it happened in May. At the end of May Mashable came in at an estimated 1,899,380 pageviews versus Techcrunch’s 1,862,612 views. A difference of only 36,768 pageviews. But hey, it IS more.

Now before you point out that Compete is only guestimating and that Techcrunch probably has more traffic: sure, Compete might be off. But they are more likely underguessing Mashable’s traffic than the other way around. Mashable has always had a more global focus and, being founded in Scotland, strong ties to Europe. Compete tends to miss out on a lot of international traffic. The numbers for Mashable might even be higher. Compete will publish its numbers for June somewhere this week so then we will know whether Mashable grew even more or if this was just a fluke.

Traffic isn’t everything of course. Techcrunch probably has a lot more influence and reach. They still beat Mashable in RSS readers by a very large margin: 271k VS 3,3 million for Techcrunch. More than 10 times as much!

The king isn’t dead yet, but Mashable is clearly aiming for the throne, and growing bigger and stronger every day.

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