Gmail gets drag & drop labels, hidden labels, and more…

Gmail gets drag & drop labels, hidden labels, and more…

labels_promoGoogle has today added a number of updates to the way labels work in GMail.

The popular email app now lets you drag and drop your labels to see them act more like folders of sorts. They can be placed above your chat list and sit along side drafts, starred and the other core labels.

You can now also hide labels that you just generally don’t use. They’re not technically hidden of course, they’re simply placed in a “more” section, making them convenient to access when you might need them again.

You can edit labels in bulk in your settings panel too, but most excitingly (at least for me), you can now drag and drop messages into labels – making the app more desktop like than ever before.


The blog post announcing the update, highlights the fact that this will mean the end of one of Gmail’s first lab features – Right-Side Labels. Google say they always had aimed to make the most popular Gmail lab features an fully integrated part of gmail in the long term, and it appears that Right-Side Labels is the first to make the cut.

Disappointingly, I can’t see the new features enabled in Google Apps just yet. If anyone does, please do let us know.

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