Universal Phone Charger is on the Way. If you’re in the EU anyway.

Universal Phone Charger is on the Way. If you’re in the EU anyway.

50022388Plans introduced by industry body GSM Association (GSMA) at Mobile World Congress in February brought hope to many a mobile phone user. The plans discussed the introduction of a universal charger as part of a drive to improve its environmental record and to make life easier for mobile phone users.

Today, a deal has been announced between GSMA and the European Commission in Brussels which should see the plans become a reality.

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The deal isn’t legally binding and at this stage, is only voluntary. but with Apple, Nokia, SonyEricsson, NEC, LG, Samsung and Texas Instruments all backing the move, we should see a mini-USB connection available by next year.

The 10 companies involved represent 90% of the European mobile market so this should affect each and every one of European mobile phone user.

Currently there are more than 30 different types of chargers for handsets throughout Europe, with any luck, before long we’ll see that reduced to one.

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