Seesmic changes direction and Loic Le Meur gives a brutally honest assessment (video)

Picture 17Seesmic begun its life as a “Twitter for video”, from French/SF Entrepreneur Loic Le Meur. The site received wide acclaim , great press and decent growth during the first year of its life. Recently however the growth has stuttered and no one has recognized this more so that Le Meur himself.

Visiting Seesmic now, you’ll notice a startling difference to the sites focus. Video is almost a difficult area of the site to find, with priority being given to the new Seesmic Desktop, a social aggregation application that currently integrates Twitter and Facebook.

We ourselves wondered what direction Le Meur was taking the company upon release of the latest version of Seesmic Desktop because as wonderful as it is, it had zero video – something we obviously expected it would come from a video startup.

Today, with the re-launch of, we are finally given answers. This is a must watch video for Seesmic fans, techies and web entrepreneurs the world over – it’s an honest and frank explanation of why Le Meur has decided to make the change, and credit to him for being so direct.

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