Would you buy this Apple Tablet?

Would you buy this Apple Tablet?


Would you? For me, it would be perfect. I’d love an MacBook Air style, iPhone hybrid, touchscreen, MiniPC value Apple Tablet, to use at home and on the road.

If it would go for under $/€ 1000 I’m sure a LOT of people would be interested.

So is it real? Of course not. I photoshopped the Apple logo and screenshot in there myself!

It is the new ‘Always Innovating‘ touchscreen device with detachable keyboard, embedded Linux OS which will be available at the end of July for just $300. Well, $300 with an extra $100 if you also want the keyboard.

More specs:

* Texas Instruments OMAP3530 with Micron 256MB (RAM) + 256MB (NAND) Memory
* 8.9 inches 1024×600 A+ screen
* Main storage: 8GB SD card – we decided to change from Micro SD to standard SD, so that you can easily upgrade it
* USB wifi 802.11 b/g/n dongle powered by a Ralink 3070 chipset
* USB bluetooth class 2.1
* FCC, CE, UL-certified, 5V, 3.5A power adapter
* 8.9 inches pressure sensitive touch screen
* US Qwerty 24cm-large keyboard – around 95% of the size of a standard keyboard
* Cirque Touchpad
* Two Owolff high-quality internal stereo speakers
* 3D accelerometer
* Two internal batteries 6000 and 12000mAh – it can be replaced with a screw driver
* 7 USB ports: three external, four internal, three of them may be reserved for wifi, bluetooth and keyboard
* Bi-color silver/black case – see photos – with a beautiful dark-red back cover (we decided to go only for red for the first batch as it really jumps out, you won’t regret it).
* Secured attachment system of tablet into keyboard
* Independent magnet system for the tablet – we don’t want your Touch Book to un-magnetize all your credit cards while carrying it in your bag!

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