Track UK holidaymakers with this fantastic Twitter-powered map

Track UK holidaymakers with this fantastic Twitter-powered map

Vodafone_ukholsThe innovation that Twitter inspires seems unstoppable. Now Vodafone has launched a new website to map the destinations that UK holidaymakers are heading to this summer using nothing but a tweet.

Simply by tweeting the hashtag #ukhols, along with your age, sex, your UK location and the name of the place you’re visiting this year, a dot from your home to your destination is added to Vodafone’s #ukhols Map. By clicking that dot, visitors can see your age and sex along with the trip details.

While it might seem a bit pointless to be able to see that a 25 year-old man from Coventry is traveling to Cape Town or that a woman from Southampton is off to Zagreb you can’t deny that this is a pretty cool piece of coding.

Vodafone has embraced social media marketing over the past year. Their ‘Live Guy’ campaign, which saw people tracking a man across the UK via GPS and Twitter in order to win a netbook was innovative and they recently ran a similar ‘Twitter Hunt’ to advertise the HTC Magic phone.

This latest project is designed to promote Vodafone abolishing roaming charges on calls from many holiday destinations this summer. Just make sure that if you do take part in the holiday tracker you don’t tweet exactly when you’re leaving or you could end up in more than a little trouble.

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