Want to experience the Palm Pre on your (hacked) iPhone?

Want to experience the Palm Pre on your (hacked) iPhone?

palmpreiphoneIt’s not that much a secret that many of us here at The Next Web are Apple fanboys. Those who are not have the liberty to tell the world in the comments. :-)

Earlier this month Palm Inc. released it’s iPhone competitor, the Palm Pre. We have an extended executive summary covering most aspects of the device.

Now, besides the fact that the Palm Pre does not work with Europe’s GSM networks, chances are you’re curious as we are and would love to get an idea of how it actually “looks and feels”.

So why don’t you turn your iPhone into a Palm Pre… at least user-interface-wise?

Of course we do not actively encourage you to modify the Apple firmware. However, in case you’ve got an iPhone with a Jailbreak already applied, Palm Prefection provides you with a theme that resembles the Palm Pre UI to great detail.

And all your beloved iPhone tools stay right there!

Besides the Jailbreak you do need a couple of additional hacks: SixRows, BlankNull, SpringJumps and iBlank. We do not provide you with direct links for good reasons. Detailed instructions – apply at your own risk – are available at modmyi.com.

You run a regular, Apple approved iPhone? Well, here’s at least a video of consolation:


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