First instance of a major advertising campaign using Facebook Vanity URLs

First instance of a major advertising campaign using Facebook Vanity URLs

n169890760789_6558 Facebook vanity URLs have been around for just over 72 hours but we are already seeing a major brand capitalize on their Facebook URL for an advertising campaign. Volkswagen (VW) has released a series of TV ads that in addition to highlighting their vehicles points viewers to This is the very first instance that we are aware of a marketing strategy that utilizes the a brand’s Facebook page instead of the companies main website,

(We would embed the video but Facebook doesn’t like sharing outside of their walled garden, click the screencap below to view the video within Facebook.)


The social network integration goes a step further with a “Meet the Volkswagens” Facebook app

that will analyze your Facebook profile to suggest the perfect VW vehicle. My personal results didn’t yield highly desirable cars for me individually but it didn’t decrease the nifty factor.

Overall, VW’s Facebook page is extremely well designed and encourages users to become fans and interact with the brand as well as individual makes of vehicles. It will definitely brand visibility and buzz on Facebook. VW’s advertising campaign and use of social networking and may prove to be a pioneering case study in a new era of marketing.

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