TweetTabs: a web-based twitter search and trend client from the makers of Tweetmeme

TweetTabs: a web-based twitter search and trend client from the makers of Tweetmeme

tweettabs200Just lauched is an interesting new Twitter search and trends client called TweetTabs.

Designed to be simple, ultra fast and ultra lightweight, it provides an elegant way to view latest tweets and search results from Neatly, the service integrates with TweetMeme to show previews of stories without having to leave the site itself.

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Considering the app only launched today, it’s got a decent basic feature set:

  • tabs: open as many individual tabs with different search results in each
  • Integration with the TweetMeme API to allow users to preview short url’s (including ability to one-click retweet if you are logged into tweetmeme)
  • drag/drop each tab to change ordering
  • one-click trending topics to open new ‘tabs’
  • Retweet, View Profile, Reply to tweets (via the twitter web interface)
  • Remembers your tabs between sessions
  • Adaptive search poll rate (we make sure we don’t kill the twitter search even with lots of tabs open)

Initial Reactions are rather good. The web based tool has a nice clean UI and it’s immediately apparent how to actually use it, something which can’t often be said for other Twitter apps. Whilst the app is a live search client and therefore should automatically update with new results, I found after a minute or so – this stopped happening – probably just launch jitters. As mentioned above, moving your column searches around is nice and easy, and  the app remembers your tab setup and searches without requiring login of any sort. Retweeting and replying is integrated but you are directed to to actually send the tweet out.

One missing ingredient which will mean me personally sticking with a desktop Twitter client  for now, is the notifications. If Tweetmeme can integrate Yip, Growl via Fluid, or some other desktop notification system – I’m all in (providing it does actually update in real time).

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