And the winner of our Twitter 140 Conference VIP Ticket is…

And the winner of our Twitter 140 Conference VIP Ticket is…

140charconfEarlier this week, we announced that we would be giving away one VIP ticket to one of our readers, for the opportunity of attending Jeff Pulver’s first 140 Conference all about…Twitter!

All we asked was for your to tweet us the reason why you deserved the ticket. We read all your stories and had a really tough time deciding on who deserved it the most, but fortunately managed to narrow it down to three. At this point, we were really struggling, all three final reasons were compelling and we felt that all three deserved to go. Unfortunately we only had one ticket so we had to pick one winner.

Yesterday we got together to decide which one of of three should go. We drank a beer, then another and then I lost count. After a few hours of debating we still couldn’t decide who should get the ticket.


A few hours and beers later, we decided to contact Jeff Pulver to ask him for advice. We explained that we had a really hard time deciding on who should win. He thankfully came up with a perfect solution, and now we are ready to announce the winner.


Thanks to Jeff Pulver for his generosity and for saving us from having to make that final decision. We’ll look forward to seeing all three winners: Ric, Constantine and Liz in New York!

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