A Day in the Cloud Challenge

A Day in the Cloud Challenge

adayinthecloud Google Apps and Virgin America are sponsoring the first ever extraterrestrial online scavenger hunt, called A Day in the Cloud Challenge. The details are still slim but on June 24th anyone with a Google account and an internet connection can leverage their online sleuthing skills to win HP netbooks, 1Tb of Google storage, and a free year of flights on Virgin America.

The online scavenger hunt is a clever promotional tie in to promote Virgin America’s in-flight Wi-Fi and Google App’s “Cloud Services”. As a bonus, Virgin America will be waving the Wi-Fi fee for all Google users.

It is anyone’s guess as to what the scavenger hunt will have us searching for but I’d say its certain that we’ll be looking for everything from online Easter Eggs to obscure web references. When you register for the challenge Google promises to send tips and practice tasks that will prepare you for the scavenger hunt.

Find out more at DayintheCloud.com or follow @dayinthecloud on Twitter.

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