Have you smub’d your links from your mobile lately?

Have you smub’d your links from your mobile lately?

This could very well become my favorite mobile link bookmarking and sharing service!

If you recently stumbled upon links starting with http://smub.it on your Twitter timeline, it’s because Palo Alto’s Smub Inc. has helped users sharing more than 50.000 URLs since they launched their new service just five weeks ago.


Smub is a service that allows users to bookmark and share their links with their favorite social bookmarking and social networking sites with just a few clicks. It neatly takes its as place as the easy to use link sharing tools for mobile users.

Networks currently supported are Twitter, Facebook, Delicious, MySpace, Digg, StumbleUpon, FriendFeed, LinkedIn, HelloTxt, Mixx, Reddit, Ping.fm, Tumblr and Propeller.

smubiphone1The technical approach Smub makes is pretty clever and sets it apart from services like ShareThis.

They call it “left-of-the-url functionality” and it works like this: Whenever you want to share or bookmark a page, you prepend “smub.it/” to the left of the URL in question in your browser’s address bar. This works on any browser, so it’s a truly universal, cross-platform technique that doesn’t require any kind of download or plugin to use. Right now, it’s a lot easier than pretty much any of the alternatives I’ve seen, including copy & paste.

Smub also offers Bookmarklets that reduce the process to a single-click task.

iPhone users will love the work the Smub team has put into creating the mobile version of its service. Using Smub on the go is really way more pleasant than the current version of ShareThis.

What we also liked is the fact that Smub does not require you to register, and even if you decide to do so, providing your email address is optional. Registered users get a nice dashboard where they can manage their bookmarks (including an export of their list) and access click counters.

Overall it’s an impressive initial release. What we would love to see is OAuth implementation for sharing with Twitter, improved statistics and a version of Smub Toolbar that supports Safari.

Go check out Smub and let us know what you think!

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