Download Google Chrome for Mac and Linux, now!

Download Google Chrome for Mac and Linux, now!

A few days ago Opera released the first beta of Opera 10. Today, Google pretty silently published very early Google Chrome builds for Mac OS X and Linux. According to Google’s Chrome team blog, this very early build is not intended for download – which obviously, I could not resist – because it lacks essential stuff: The ability to watch YouTube videos, privacy settings and changing your search provider to bing.


Google’s browser is based on the open source Chromium initiative and ships with Google’s V8 JavaScript engine (also open sourced). My personal browsing experience with this dev channel release is quite fine, fast and clean rendering and speedy JavaScript execution. The absence of support for Adobe Flash and some occasional crashes are okay for such an early release.

We should expect Google to release updates on a bi-weekly schedule. Download your copy:

Google Chrome build for Mac OS X.
Google Chrome build for Linux.

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