Is Microsoft forcing Bing on IE6 users?

Is Microsoft forcing Bing on IE6 users?

bingfailAfter surprising the world by launching four days early, it seems Bing’s first day may not have gone as smoothly as it could. Despite Microsoft claiming they wouldn’t be forcing Bing on anyone, it appears some users are stuck with it anyway.

We’re getting word that a number of Internet Explorer 6 users are loading up their browsers to discover that the default search engine, which they had set as Google, has been changed to Bing. What’s more, when they try to change it back they’re being blocked from doing so thanks to a Microsoft Live Search message that reads: “Oops This isn’t the page that you wanted”.

We can’t recreate the problem ourselves but the evidence coming in includes tweets saying:

really hating the new MS Bing which continues to make itself my default search provider despite being removed from the list!!! #fail

Is mad that IE6 default search engine is changed and now stuck on bing… I want my google back!

Meanwhile over on the Google Support forum more complaints about this problem are coming in. One user claims the problem is down to the way IE6 handles non-URL formatted text entered into the address bar.

The only fix at present would appear to upgrading your browser, something the web design community would cetainly thank you for. IE6 is a notoriously quirky browser that mishandles lots of modern web code. This latest problem, which does not seem to affect those with Google Toolbar installed, is one more argument for replacing that out-of-date browser.

Microsoft may be trying to improve its image but this bug is reminding people of their poor history with web software. That’s not a good first impression for their latest attempt to steal Google’s search crown.

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