Sublime or ridiculous? The 49-way USB hub

Sublime or ridiculous? The 49-way USB hub

49wayhubNovelty USB devices may be fun but sometimes you just need power, and lots of it. For times like that you could do worse than this 49-way, yes – 49-way, USB hub.

It’s been developed by UK-based company Cambrionix who specialise in “Niche-market products”. No kidding that this is niche, there can’t be many people who require 49 USB devices to be plugged in at the same time. Priced at £399 (645 USD) plus tax it’s hardly in impulse buy territory either.

The hub is intended for test and development use by people building their own USB devices and it probably won’t find a home with many end users. Still, if you’re a sucker for USB robots, fish tanks or even prosthetic fingers then this might be the perfect way to get them all connected at once.

[Via Dutch Cowboys]

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