For sale: Copy.Me, Publish.Me & Share.Me

For sale: Copy.Me, Publish.Me & Share.Me

Starting June 5 you will be able to place your bids on a interesting collection of domain names. They all end with .ME which is the TLD for Montenegro. It looks like the registrar has reserved a few high value domains to sell to the highest bidder.

I’m not sure how ethical that is but hey, we all want to make money and this seems to be a innovative way for a registrar to do just that.

The Auction Agenda:

From June 5-8, bid on Copy.Me, Publish.Me, Catch.Me
From June 6-9, bid on Share.Me, Beer.Me, Trust.Me
From June 7-10, bid on Network.Me, Live.Me, Kick.Me
From June 8-11, bid on Face.Me, David.Me, Invite.Me
From June 9-12, bid on Teach.Me, Remind.Me, Gallery.Me

Which one would YOU like to have if you had unlimited budget?

via AltSearchEngines

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