Is Microsoft asking you to “Bing it” rather than “Google it”?

Is Microsoft asking you to “Bing it” rather than “Google it”?

dial-911-microsoft-search-is-dying-2Microsoft have seemingly accepted they’ve lost the search engine battle, however the software giant have yet to accept they’ve lost the war and are believed to be relaunching their new search product this week.

We posted early last week, that Microsoft would be launching their new search engine during the All Things Digital this week. The name floating around at that point was “Kumo”.

Now, according to an AdAge article, “Kumo” might in fact be “Bing” which, in my opinion, has a better ring to it. The rebrand will play a large part in Microsoft’s new $100 million ad campaign which will see commercials for the revamped search engine appear on the web, TV, radio, newspapers and magazines.

What we do know is that on March 2, Microsoft filed two trademarks for “Bing” – one for “web site links to geographic information, map images, and trip routing”, which implies Bling might in fact be a mapping tool of sorts. But, the company also trademarked Bing as a “computer search engine software” , leaving us all guessing.

One thing, we’re certain most will agree on is that no matter how many revamps and rebrands, its the functionality behind the search app that counts and without it – Microsoft will increasingly seem like clueless marketers looking for answers.

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