Very first REAL (tiny) images of the NEW iPhone 3.0

Very first REAL (tiny) images of the NEW iPhone 3.0

Looks closely at the following image.

The iPhone1,1 is the very first iPhone.
The iPhone1,2 is the iPhone 3G and the iPhone2,1 is the new and upcoming iPhone 3.0!

Yeah I know, the images are VERY small. But they can be found in the iPhone 3.0 beta which is supplied by Apple so MacRumors thinks this is the real deal.


So what can we learn from this blurry 32×32 pixel image? Well, at least that the new iPhone won’t be very different from the current iPhone. Apart from that, we couldn’t say. But hey, you’ve seen it here first! ;-)

UPDATE: I enlarged the image in Photoshop and sharpened it for a better look:

Ah, much better! ;-)

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